Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mei Tais, fish fries, and Charles Dickens "Hard Times"

I am already wondering if there is a point in keeping this thing up. I feel like my writings are going to be so boring. But maybe someone will find it interesting. Like me years from now. I can use it as a history of my life.

I finished the first Mai Tei and am now working on one for my sister-in-law. I had planned on making her a carrier of the old style but then decided to try this new thing out first. I totally love my Mai Tei better than my other carrier (which by the way, if you desire to look it up, is called a BeiBei). So I am almost done the second one as they are pretty simple to make and fun to do.

Yesterday Paul went out ice fishing with his dad and we went over to their place after to eat fresh fish. First mom-in-law cleaned all the jack fish while dad-in-law took out the bones. Still not sure why mom-in-law does the extra gross job but they seem to have a system that works and they like (though mom-in-laws face never showed really great "love" for her job). Jack fish have a slime on them that is beyond gross. It seems sticky and doesn't wash off all that well. But once clean are quit fine to eat. And amazingly enough Suzie almost let me eat the whole meal without interruptions. She has a real knack for needing me just as I am sticking the first fork full into my mouth.

I am sitting here writing this just after having put the sweet little doughnut to sleep. I was sure she would cry and need me to come back up to put the soother back in her mouth or even just to comfort her, remind her that I do still exist even when I am not in her immediate presence. But shock of all shocks she didn't cry once. It was not long ago that I started putting her down in the crib. She sure didn't like that at first but now I guess she is starting to recognise it as a good place to sleep. YAY!!!!

I am reading a book right now by Charles Dickens. HA HA HA, the joke's on me. I celebrated way too soon. What was I thinking putting it in writing. She isn't put to sleep that easy. I must be insane to think she will let me off that quickly. Never mind what I just said. She is now moaning just after I had to go up and put the soother in her mouth. I think I should just quit while I'm ahead. I hope you all have a better night than what may be lying ahead for me. I'm off to see her to sleep.

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