Thursday, March 19, 2009

Starting again

Bit of a jump from the last post but here goes.

As my daughter stands on my lap and chews on my shoulder i have decided now is a good time to pick this up again. I ask the question, could she be at all teething, hm, we'll see.

Well I had my baby and she is a girl. Talk about a shock when all through out the pregnancy I was convinced it was a boy. Nope, Pink and dresses it is. (she wants to type now but she needs to develop the hand-eye coordination to pick something up first). I have a very wet shoulder now.

So my daughter is 3 and 3/4 months old. She has a cold today so wants to be held which puts a pause on any of my projects. Oh well, later then.

She's bored already. I have been told that if she is anything like her dad I must be ready for a constant flow of changing directions. For now I have to go and see what she needs.

Never mind I am back. She wants to be left alone on the couch after I fed her. Funny how they like alone time already, she seems too young to know or even care.

I am in the middle of sewing another baby carrier. I have tried out one design and now my curiosity has drawn me to try another one. I have found that to buy some of these simple carriers is to spend a small fortune. As I have some sewing skills I can save that fortune for something more necessary, like diapers for instance.

The style I am making now is called a Mei Tai. It is a traditional Chinese carrier. I will see if I can find any links to some pictures. That being said I am going to head back to the project as Suzie is now sleeping.

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