Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday morning trama

Sunday morning church. Found out when we got there that they have a nursery that takes newborn to two year olds. "Yay" how novel to be able to leave my sweet daughter for a short time and sit through, possibly, a service without having to care for her. What! Like maybe an hour of time away?

So I sign her in and feed her, to be sure she is all taken care of before I go. I fear becoming the over informative mother rambling on and on and..... well you get the picture, so decide the bare essentials in information should be fine. If anything goes beyond them they can call for me or flash my number and I will come running. Truth be told I almost went running even though my number never did flash.

I carefully hand over my almost sleeping girl and think, "yes, she has not had her morning nap, she should sleep through this next hour or so, no problem". WRONG!!! I get back to find a very sad little baby. I am told she has been crying for the last half hour. Silly me what was I thinking? These women don't know that for Suzie to cry for a whole half hour is unheard of. Maybe I jump to her needs to quickly or maybe she is just generally a happy baby. Either way, both she and I are shocked at such a long cry. Her eyes are red and she can't be calmed for some time. The ten pound weights on her eye lids cannot even win her over to a place of peace. So sad, but of course she got over it. As Paul would say, "at least it's not her first memory".

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  1. At least it is not her first memory...that is a great way of looking at it.
    Our poor children definately did cry for more that 1/2 hour straight, but it is so sad that was her 1st experience with church. She may have just slept in Daddy's arm through the whole service...but next time will be different. She'll either play with the other children happily or sit happily with Mom and Dad...hee hee. So sorry Angie, it hurts to have those red eyes looking at you and feeling like you did it eh? You didn't. Love love heart heart


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