Wednesday, October 19, 2016

August short post

This is a quick hello from August. The weather has turned and so have the leaves. In fact as I write this there are more on the ground than on the trees. We have had the hard frost that has turned the morning glories leaves into evenings old newspaper. The one that was hacked all to bits by the children and used by mom to clean the windows and maybe even put out for the dog. You get it. NOT pretty anymore.

But this is. This is nice.

And just as the summer brings you green beauty and fresh carrots. Fall brings you orange leaves and carrots with a touch of frost which turn out to better tasting than those fresh summer ones.

And I know from a trusted source (my sister-in-law) that bees will soon go into their winter huddle and hope they stored up enough food for the winter.

Sounds good to me. I think a winter huddle sounds like a pleasant thing to take part in. They will do no work but to survive with what they have stored up until next spring.

And we will go into the next year working on learning more about numbers and sentence structure. Maybe if I do enough teaching I will learn more too. This one is moving into grade 2/3. The beauty of homeschooling, take each subject at the level they are at.

And this one will continue to spend most of her time flitsing about from one thing to the next, though Lego is her long standing favorite. There will also be intermittent reading lessons and starting out with pencil to paper activities.

For something a little new here you might actually see a bit more of me as well. The older one is strong enough to hold up the camera and snap a few shots. Kind of fun and even more strange to be on the other side of the lens. Now I get why they act a little strange with that big black hole staring at them.

A view of Jade from Suzie's eye. We may see different faces from her with her sister behind the lens.

A picnic in the park. Not that long ago was a nice outing. Not that long from now it will be out of the question.

One more fun thing we are starting this year is piano for her. One month in and she loves it. Fun part is that we don't actually have a piano in the house. My brother and his wife have aloud us the daily use of theirs. Which means a daily walk, rain or shine, snow or sleet. I keep telling myself this will be a good thing. Force us out daily.

With Winter Coming around the corner there will be more dreaming of things to come and more little home comforts.

Suzie's view

Hope your summer was pleasant your fall a long one and your winter to come easy on the heart. And hoping you have a wonderful winter huddle.

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