Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas party

Yesterday was the Christmas party with my family, or who is here this year. My folks stayed in Calgary to be with my second youngest brother and my oldest brother and family went out to join them. So this year it was just the three families left. We had the usual breakfast and dinner schedule and at the end of it all we ended it with a bang.

It was great fun getting these shots but I will say when Paul asked me how the show was I really had no answer. With my mind so focused on making this work (my first time with a prolonged exposure that I controlled) I really didn't "see" the fireworks. But you know what. I loved this. I will most likely give it a go next time too.

Then the kids all had fun in the snow with flashlights.

This picture made me think of drawing with light and then the kids had a real blast.

Everyone wanted to have a go at it.

I explained to one of them to try and make a box shape. Not to shabby.

Then his little brother gave it a go.

This is my nephew trying to write the word Hi. We all need a bit more practice.

By the end my toes were getting cold so we had a final hurrah and then it was off to bed.

Jade woke up a with a fever this morning and it turns out she has slept most of the day away. Just now I am hearing her coming back down so here's hoping she will be well again by the 24th cause that's the day we get to do all this fun again with Paul's family.

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