Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crazy how life changes

How terribly sad this little corner seems as of late. I have been so negligent on my posting and have even taken to less photography. It saddens me and I don't know why. Life is full and lovely and hard and breaking all in one fell swoop. My girls grow older by the hour and so does my heart. It is vast and wide, this life we live. It is short and fast. It lasts but a moment and then it has passed us by.

Yes, I am alluding to somethings in particular but they are truly of a private family matter. I have never liked it when things are alluded to without sharing but I get it now. There are things that really change a life and yet they are to private to share. It explains that there are hardships going on in the lives of ones we care for but we cannot know the details and for now that is where we are. 

Suzie and Jade you will understand when you are older. You will know where this is coming from when you read it. That is all that matters for now.

As for today? There is still joy, great joy even in the midst of great sorrow. I know not how this can be other than the saving Graces of our Lord and savior.

These pictures are from a little while back. Shortly after these were taken my camera started acting up. It suddenly quit taking pictures. Something in the mechanics seemed to fail. Paul was able to jar it back into working order but I must admit it has not instilled the desire to have the camera out often. I am in the process of looking into a new one but I feel I don't even know where to start. It has been years since I last looked into cameras and my knowledge is slim at best. I am interested in one with video capabilities but am not sure where to begin.

But I really must get back into the swing of things. I do love it so.

Yellow rain boots. YES!

The kids were playing hide and seek. This was jades hiding spot. This is the front side of the tree when facing it from the flower garden.

They got a hold of some side walk chalk and were going strong on a piece of wood. We don't really have side walks outside of our yard.

Well there you have it, entry first-in-a-long-time and maybe last-in-as-long-of-a-time.
Sorry for the vagueness of the post and the disconnectedness of it all. Maybe I will get back into it and then be more organized. And maybe I won't. Crazy how life changes.

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