Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For the girls

I keep wanting to sit down here and write up a little blog post but there is something that stops me. I think I've figured it out. I keep thinking of why I used to sit here. What was my drive to be so on top of keeping up to date? Sadly it was not what I said it was.

I wanted to be noticed. I cared what people thought. I wanted to be noticed outside of my little world. I wanted to have people comment, I cared about how many views each post got. I know I have said in the past that I write here for my girls but I am sorry to say that was not true, not fully.

The past weeks as I think about sitting here I worry that I cannot string words together in a pleasing manner. I want to have "great" stories to tell vs. the mundane day to day.

So now I remind myself that it is the mundane that maters. It is the life I live with my family. This is what I do. Little snippets of a quiet life. Of a life lived in quiet. (or noise but it's simple noise).

When the world all around keeps telling me that I must produce the most astounding of photos and the fullest of words I wonder at what my contribution is worth. But when I look into the steel and sky blue eyes of my girls I remember what really matters. Why I am really here. SO...

Suzie and Jade this ones for you.

Remember this guy?

Remember when we went to Grandpa and Grandmas just to play with him.

He loves the snow. Even when you throw it at him.


Jade you probably don't remember how you felt when he jumped up on you. But I can say that it wasn't your favorite. He thought you were a big moving toy and so much fun. You thought it was a bit annoying how he bit at your mitts. That's why your hands are where they are in this picture.

Climbing the snow plowed mounds in the front yard at and Gr.mas

You thought your were out of Ree-bar's rough housing reach. Turns out you were wrong.

Oh little Ree-bar you're a cutie.

I don't think he looks to impressed.

Jade you liked to pretend you were a myriad of creatures. Here you are being a snake I believe.

And the interactions with the older Orange Cat. (yes that is his name). At first Orange Cat was not too sure but he started to warm up to Ree-bar. Grandma said this was one of the best interactions so far. Actually playing together.

Puppy nose and tongue.

Grandma and her new baby.

Here they are, those steal blue eyes. Love the bow in your hair. A bow from some wrapping that you found in the guest room and took it upon yourself to put it upon yourself. Love you my dear sweet Suzie.

Exploring the window fogged by your breath. Oh how I do love you too my dear Jade.

I Think you two to be the two sweetest girls I know. Funny how any mom will say that about their girls. Well It's true. When you talk about the changes that will take place in your lives when you are "mommies" I imagine the changes right along with you. Look so forward to watching you grow and mature. Love to see the little girls you are and the little women you will be one day.

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  1. I have always enjoyed reading your blog but was terribly remiss in ever letting you know that. For this, I apologize. I know it must be very hard to blog daily or even weekly when your life is so full. Thank you for posting again and I will check back more frequently.



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