Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heart expose

Suzie and Jade,

I have something to tell you. I tell you that I write this blog for you. I tell you that this is something I put up for you. But there is something else here. I post here for me too. I want to write great words that mean something to the world. I want to be a part of something "Big". I want to be noticed. (Yes I did just say that) I am embarrassed by that fact and wonder often at my motives. I tell you it is for you but that is not the whole truth. And I don't like telling you the whole truth cause I know that you are not the only ones who will read this. When I use this space to tell you what is in my heart I am actually putting it out there for the world to see.

But I want you to know the truth and I want to share the truth. It is within our inner workings to desire this. I believe all humans on earth long for the accolades. It is something deeper than even we can know. Some can move past it and let it go. Some find it sustaining to get it in small groups and some long for the larger screen. But where ever we look for it we are searching, longing, craving.

I want you to know this truth because it will creep up on your little hearts too. One day the praise from your mother and father won't feel like enough. You will long for your peers to notice you. Maybe you will want them to notice how you did your hair or what subject in school you excel at. Maybe you will want them to laugh at all your jokes or just to say that you are the best. And if they don't you will be crushed. And if they do it won't be enough.

Nothing is ever enough. You'll long for a man to notice you. You will crave the attention of that boy you have a crush on. And when you finely marry the man of your dreams you will want to feel re-noticed again and again. You will wonder if you are enough. It's true.

Or maybe.

Just maybe it's not.

Maybe you can skip this tangled web of need and longing.

Maybe your hearts can be full and satisfied with the small things. Maybe you will see that the "Big" world, the larger collaboration of people do not need to notice you to let you know that you are worth more than anything. They don't need to see your talents or your heart for you to be validated. You are more precious than Gold.

I hope that you can learn this. That you can know now what it is to be. To just Be who you are and happy with that whether you are seen or not. There is nothing to prove. You do not need to be heard for your voice to count. You might be heard by a small group, you may be only known by a few but that is the best. The close few are the ones that truly know you. And then there is One.

There is The One who knows all there is to know. As Suzie has been telling every one she meets since I told her

"He knows how many hairs are on my head, and your head too. And how many snow flakes there are!!"

And this is the best. There is nothing better than being known to the inner depths of your soul by this One. Yes there are truths down there that you might not be too proud of. Like the feeling of wanting to be noticed more and more. The doubt in who you are that is found in the inner parts of us all. But that is the greatest thing to this truth. The One, our very own Lord and Savior who longs to be with us always. He created you to be with YOU! That is what He longs for. As much as our hearts, My heart longs to be known, that is nothing to how He longs to know us. 

Suzie and Jade. Know that you are loved beyond your wildest imaginations. You are longed for to the deepest core of your being. There is nothing more precious to your Father in Heaven than you. Keep your heart and eyes on Him and you will be complete. I love you more than I can properly put into words and that is only a portion of the Love the Father has for you. You are adored.

                                                                   All my Love,

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  1. Beautiful. Reminds me of this video, do you know it?




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