Monday, December 10, 2012

Someone turned four

And that was sooo good.

We have no plans to ever make birthdays a Major affair but it will be an all day thing. Not big as in there will most likely be no theme to the party and the decorations will be simple.

A balloon or two and a few little traditions so that you know today is your special day.

This is the day that you were born so many years ago and for that we are thankful. You are celebrated.

And so the New Birthday bowl and the balloon mug that sings Happy birthday in a cracked sort of battery dying manner. Both which came from a second hand store. But the bowl is pink and the cup has balloons and the story of the song discovery will never be forgotten.

A special memory that can only be made when you buy something second hand and don't know it sings the happy birthday song and when it does you discover a dead battery. Too much fun.

The breakfast is your choice and the supper is too. Cereal is a rare occurrence around here and so Froot Loops it was.

(I love this picture, her face so soft still from sleep)

And this year she got a special made dress just for her. Pink with a bit of a circle skirt for spinning.

And an extra bit of Purple to add on a whim.

Phone conversation with Grandma in Calgary.

And pig tails cause that day she wanted them. One just normal and one like a bun. Cause girls got style.

And for supper Fish that Daddy caught.

Then after supper it is time for family to come and share in her special day. A few great gifts and a cake.

Cards from cousins.

A doll that I made for her.

And pots and pans from an Uncle and Aunt.

Birthday Cake of choice. Pink with vanilla and brown sugar. So it turned out to be a cinnamon cake with Brown sugar icing.

My sister told me later that I had proved her wrong. Her son had asked how many candles would be on Suzie's cake. She had told him that Suzie was turning four and so there would either be four candles or one shaped like a four. I did both. Never can you predict a person who cannot even say herself what she will do.

And there you have a four year old.

Oh yeah and then this. Ha ha. Four does not mean she is done crying. I guess even simple days can overwhelm.

And now there are many more things she can do. You see she is four now, she is bigger. And as most might tell you
"I can do it now mom cause I am four" She is so matter of fact about the whole thing. If you have ever wanted to see a highly logic mind mixed with high emotions you should visit for awhile. It is a very entertaining combination.

Suzie we are so happy to have had you in our lives for these past four years. We look forward to so many years to come. Love you Suzie Bonkers.

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