Monday, November 12, 2012

Potty Training the Bean, Update

Be warned this is a very fact filled post on the process I have taken with training my girl to use the toilet. The info is my experience for this one child. Each child is different and I know that. 

Okay so for week one a lot of you saw updates through out the day on what was happening. The Bean (Jade) was getting a training on what the toilet is used for and that she was indeed going to be a user. Week two you heard less, if anything at all. Here's why. She gets it. She knows what it's for. Does she have accidents? Yes but let me say this. NOT usually. She can go for over 36 hours in the same underwear. So here is the news.

The first three days were of course the hardest. It is a learning curve and it takes a bit for them to recognize the feeling of needing to go and then waiting. Diapers means, need to go arises and they go. All in one smooth motion. Toilet means, need to go arises and they need to wait to get to the toilet and then sit and then go. More steps in between. I will say it is amazing the motivation they will get when they are wet though.

So for the first three days She was in panties or even bottomless during the day. Then at night it was into a diaper. When she was using diapers all the time I had her in cloth during the day and disposable during the night. The cloth do not hold everything at night and I hated changing her in the wee hours of the morning. I purposefully ran out of disposables two nights into the training so that I would then change over to cloth at night. I was unsure of how many nights it would take to night train her but I knew that if she was in cloth at night it would motivate me.

Boy was I right. It worked for her too. She has always woken up at least once during the night and as I started into this I thought that maybe it was cause she needed to go. She has always disliked being wet and so I believe that was a big help in her training.

So when she woke up at night, instead of just putting a blanket back on her and helping her sleep again I would whisk her down stairs to the toilet and put her on. First few times this made her angry. How would you like being pulled from your nice warm bed and plunked down all bottom exposed on a cold toilet when you have never done this before? Yeah her too.

But here's the thing. She was dry. She was dry when I put her on and she was dry in the morning.

For three nights her diaper was dry and that was it. I put them away. She is now a panties only kind of girl.

Nineteen months old. And the thing I think that really makes this work is that at this age she probably can hardly remember anything else. This is soon to be the only thing she has ever known.

Now the one thing about night training is the absolute frustration of undoing snaps on a sleeper to put them on the toilet. They are hating every minute out of bed and snapping them back in is not something they want to take the time for. Thus the sleeper turned pjs. I Have always loved the green of these sleepers and was not looking forward to packing them away. So solution, revamp.

She can pretty much pee on command so when I go to town I will be sure to put her on the toilet at each stop and she will do fine. As long as I tell her before that I am going to put her on and that I need her to pee. If I ask her if she needs to go and she says no and then I put her on I believe she is confused and even a little upset that I did not take her word for it. So if I think it has been long enough since she last went I will just tell her what is going to happen and she agrees fully. No struggle.

Potty training can be done. The hardest part is the transfer. For my mind to go from cleaning the messes in a contained package to cleaning them off the floor, it took about three days to get used to. And now here we are two and a half weeks later and I have not cleaned pee off the floor for half of that time. Just a few soaked pants and even that she does not fully release, she feels a bit down her leg and holds it to get the rest in the toilet. I believe that might be a bit easier cause girls can stop mid stream while boys cannot.

And there you have our story the second time around.

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  1. That's great to hear that it's been going well! Well done:-)


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