Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspired #14 Fall is coming

Fall is most definitely in the air. The winds move more swiftly through the open windows and the leaves have taken on a tinge of gold. Soup stock boiling on the stove top and the fresh bread from yesterday are a testament to the cooler nights. When this weather hits it often brings with it a feeling of comfort and a need for warmth which makes my heart sing in a yearning sort of way.

I have been enjoying the cooler nights and the occasional need for a scarf. I am inspired to change up the wardrobe and make some new/old additions to the daily trend. So here are a few things that I have found on Etsy that inspire me for the fall.

1: These yellow vintage shoes make me want to jump into them and wear the dress next to them. Fall colors galore
2: The dress next to them, Such a great pattern, color and fabric. I love this dress.
3: And while we are putting this outfit together lets add the earrings for good measure.
4: I often see turbans and wish I could wear them. They look so warm and comfy, great alternative to a hat.
5: And if those yellow shoes are too flashy then these brown ones would do just nice. Gosh I love these vintage shoes.
6: This little cube necklace is calling me and saying that it wants to live around my neck. I am seriously this >--< close to putting it in my cart and walking to the cash register with it.
7: And for the days when I will not have the girls hanging around my neck, this is the scarf of choice.
8: If I could knit, this pattern along with so many others, would be in my list of to knit one day.
9: And for the end of the day or a nice simple grocery shopping day with a cup of coffee, this comfy looking dress. Love the color, love the design.

This list could go on forever but of course I can't sit here forever, there is too much lovely weather to enjoy.
Looking forward to meals with extended family and holidays that come with the season. Getting ready for the winter season and enjoying the cooler days and nights. Oh do go and find the joy that is out there. The newness that is around every corner.
Happy week to you all.

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