Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday past.

There have been a few Sundays with birthday parties in them the last little while and I have not had the time to get anything posted. This makes me sad cause there are good memories here to share. So I am back tracking a bit. This will work well for this week because we are busy working in the building for the next three days as Paul has taken off the week. Part to camp and part to work. First work then camp. Best way to go about it. On top of this great camping trip planned out I found out yesterday that my folks will be arriving the day before we get home and are staying in these parts for two weeks!! Busy times ahead full of good things.

Now to the birthdays. Two Sundays ago there was a 5 year olds party held for my Nephew and here's what they did.

Birthday boy

Seriously this little guy smiles all the time. Except for when I asked him to. Such manly men these little guys were.

So happy to be a Mario

Ha ha Ha!! This little lady proved to be a bit on the squirmy side. I love the dopey right eye.

Suzie was all for the the coin search but would have nothing to do with the paint on the face.

Parents with cameras, there is not stopping us.

Look up kids..

Look way up.

Got it!

Such a jovial little dude.

Golf with a soccer ball. No worries of missing the ball. Just not too good for the long shot.

See what I mean about parents with cameras.

Dad got one of her best shots. He shoots from the hip and it works.

Yup those are "bigs" and "one ups".

Love it when uncles hold the little ones. Just so naturally picks her up and just lets her sit there. Even fed her some of his cupcake.

As he was swiping the the icing off the top with his fingers he holds it up to his dad and mom and says "look, it's a happy birthday"

He got it right. All the parts came together to make a happy birthday.

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  1. That was the most adorable b'day party ever! I was wondering if it was Liam's b'day. Guess we missed it...


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