Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monday that's actually a Tuesday and in fact is now Wednesday

Today I am a bit confused. Here in Canada we had a long weekend. Sunday felt like Saturday and Monday felt like Sunday. So going along with that trend completely explains the title of this post. To say the least I am feeling a bit off when it comes to the dates of the week and so I think all the posts of this week may "suffer" for it. Here is my usual Monday post on the Tuesday. I guess the "inspired" post of the week will be moved to Wednesday.
That last paragraph was written yesterday, Tuesday. And now it is Wednesday. Life gets away on me sometimes and now you get to see a little of how that looks. A lot of words to say "life is crazy and I feel a little behind".

Moving on from that silly bit of information let me show you a bit of our Monday.

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On the Monday day off there had been talk of going to the Spirit Sands here in Manitoba with a few of my brothers and their families. It didn't work out for us. Things just did not line up for us to be able to go so we stayed home. I was disappointed. I wanted to join them, I desired to show my girls the place where Paul and I had our first date (nearly 10 years ago, I told you our relationship story is a long one).

I will admit I kind of broke down when it didn't work out. I have had a lot of pent up emotion and this was just a final breaking point. I don't like to admit that. I don't like the truth, that I am weak and can't always keep it together. Tears over something so simple but it is what it is.

I wanted to hold on to my disappointment and have a real pity party. To let the world know that I have not gotten "my way". But as I have been trying to show my girl, to teach her, there are times things don't go the way we want and if we hold on to self-pity we and all those around us are miserable. It does not give us joy to sit in a corner and complain about that which we have missed out on.

We are allowed the initial disappointment but it is when we hold on to the self pity side of it that we have let it go on too long. We can give it over to God and allow our hearts to open up with thankfulness to what is right there at hand. I may not have gone to the sands but there was so much that I did get to have and do right here at home.

There was sewing that I got to enjoy and children to spend time with. I got to spend my day with my wonderful husband who is willing to let me have my moments. Who let's me have my little cry. He is there to support me and help me through those times even if he doesn't get it.

And you know what. We had a wonderful Monday. Paul suggested that we get take out for supper. We had chicken and fries. As we were eating our 7:00 supper he suggested that we go to the lake. So what if the girls go to bed late, let's do something.

And so we did. We packed up the car in about five minutes and left. We didn't last till sun set but we sure had some fun splashing around in the water.

While at the lake Suzie found a water balloon. My little girl loves balloons. She becomes attached to them and when this one unexpectedly popped and her heart broke I was able to bring up my earlier disappointment. I had already told her why I was crying at the time and so when she was trying to recover from her loss I was able to join her where she was.

I was able to understand her feelings of loss and help her move through it. Talk her through the pain. Yes it might have been a simple thing. It might have been a popped balloon or dashed plans but it was sad.

After she had moved on she found and played with three more balloons. If she had stayed in that place of self pity she would not have even gotten back out to the water. She would have missed out on the extra fun. When the time came to leave we told her they could not come home with us and she joyfully popped those balloons all on her own. She had fun and she moved on, She let them go.

Oh the little lessons we get to learn. They may seem of no great importance to those not in the moment but to those of us who are right in the midst of it, it is good to have someone come along side us and say, simply, " I get it. I understand how your feeling, let's work through this together."

Thanks Honey for letting me work through my little struggles with you by my side. Thank you for letting me verbalize the place I am in. I love you and appreciate you so much.

What about you? How do you work through your little disappointments? I hope you have someone who will let you talk it out. Allow you to say how you feel and then help you to move past it with a loving caring hand. Life is full of little disappointments that can be seen and then let go of and for this I am thankful. Without these little struggles I would not grow. They may seem small but each one grows my heart just a little deeper.


  1. Thanks for sharing my sweet cuz. I really identify with the name of your post and I am impressed by your willingness to verbalize and deal with your struggles head on. I too feel that this is the most appropriate way to face "my new life"

    1. Well when it comes to dealing with the struggles head on I often have no choice for my three year old is hard pressed to let an issue go. If mom is crying then she needs to know why and I only feel if fare to fill her in. I also realize it is a great, if not the best, opportunity for her to learn. When I was upset she asked what was wrong and sat on my lap and looked me in the eyes to say "Well, I know you are sad but it's okay". She is working at her empathy so we're on the right track.


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