Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspired #13: Going Camping, part one

Paul came home a week ago and informed me that he had a plan to take a week off. For part of the week we would work on "the Building" and for that last portion we would go camping. The plan now stands that we will leave Thursday late afternoon and return Sunday afternoon. A shorter trip but with Jade at the age she is we are okay with that. She is right at that stage of life where running off is fun and staying put is boring. And I am sure fires are intriguing. So with that I bring you this weeks Inspired post. The first of two.

1: Vintage photos of a Coleman lantern and tent. These would look great hanging in any corner of the tent trailer.
2: And this piece would do nicely hanging next to the Christmas tree to remind of a warmer season to look forward to.
3: I would feel so accomplished if I knew how to use one of these. Maybe one day I will learn and show my girls.
4: How fun to have a postcard to send out from a camping trip
5: A vintage pack for a vintage camping trip. Love the older camping supplies.
6: And if you have not yet noticed I love the plaid blankets. This one just screams pine trees and large lakes.
7: And this fire starter is just a great vintage piece, and right from this province.
8: And coffee while sitting next to the fire seems like the best way to start a cool morning.
9: This seems like a great tool, turns any fire into a spot to cook a meal.

Looking forward to a quick trip full of camping fun. This year Suzie will remember it vs. the last time when she was not even yet three. I am hoping to get a few special items together for the girls to bring some extra  memories to this trip. Till next week there will be much packing and preparations and anticipation.

Hope your week is full of plans even if is just for a quick trip out in the back yard or a fire in the fire pit.

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  1. Love this rustic collection--and we're just getting into perfect camping season!

    Thanks for featuring my red coffee pot.



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