Monday, August 20, 2012

A dear friend

Last week held so many ups and downs for me I felt as though I was on an emotional roller coaster that I had not signed up for. I didn't get to stand in line and stare at the thing looming over head. I had none of the adrenaline to set me up and prepare. As I sat in my seat I believed I was sitting at my own kitchen table about to take part in a simple game of this or that. When in all actuality I was about to go for a ride. Slowly clattering my way up and when at the top, which appeared far above the earth, I was released with a click and set free.

Now there are no real details to set before you. Some I have mentioned in an earlier post just last week and some are just for me to work through on my own. Were they bad? No, not at all. Just hard. A navigation I was not prepared to make. Just as you would say to a friend when recalling the roller coaster ride of your life it comes out something like this "You know, it was crazy. I went up and then I came down. I looped this way and that, head over heels and well... in the end.... It was good. Just not what I had expected".

Sorry for the vagueness of that but there you have it. What has been a tough week for me and my family is now passed us and we now hope to move on. Nothing terrible, just interesting and a little difficult. Just a bit of processing need to happen in the next while, right here in my own heart.

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On Saturday Suzie asked if we could go for a bike ride while I was harvesting in the garden. As I gathered all the great produce my garden has set forth I thought of  dear friend in town here who was unable to put in her garden this spring due to injury.

So I put together a sampler. Nothing big, just a bit of a taste of freshness. There is nothing quit like a garden fresh vegetable.

We don't manage to to drop in near often enough but she is dear to our hearts and Suzie talks of her often. When Suzie gives thanks for her family she mentions Margaret as well.

We love you, dear Margaret.

She has often taught me to be a better person just by her example. Her strength of will is impressive and to hear of the years she raised her littles always reminds me of how truly easy we have it now.

She has proven to be a mentor in my life even the smallest things. She is an encouragement to me and my family.

Thank you Margaret for being such a lovely lady.

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