Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quickest blog post ever? not so in the end.

I have about ten minutes to put this together and so it goes like this.

Life is crazy busy again, don't have much time for blogging.
I want to do more but there is not time,
We have a reno that is calling.

Tonight we go in for supplies to get the bathroom finished up there
The girls will go to their cousins house for the evening.
We are taking the dump truck again, a beauty but a clunker.

The days go rushing by with no time to stop to kill a fly,
And so I rush on through this post with out much thought put into the words.
I see these blogs that are full of well put together words and wonder why
it seems to be I cannot spread clearly my thoughts.
But there it is, some make Turkey Cobb Salad Sandwiches, I just make peanut butter and honey (and that's on a good day.) Not sure why I compaired my blogging to sandwich making but again, there it is.

Now here is this. Something to look at cause it's fun to see.

A little outing with one of the cousins that they will be with tonight.

This is back in our favorite little local garden park. Nothing big but it sure is nice.

The bench where the keys were left last year.

Jade and her enthralling discovery, A rock!

Suzie's love of the outdoors is apparent in her comfort in amongst it. (unless of course it is a spider taking her by surprise or a wood tick, or if the mood just hits her wrong, or....well you get the idea.) But when she is not thinking on the things that bother her this is where her heart is really at.

Jade again discovering. You know, there are a lot of things to look on with fresh eyes when you have a baby around. Suddenly the world opens up. The colors shine just a bit brighter and the leaves make just a bit more of the wonderful flapping noise. And if you listen just right you will hear the symphony that is life all around you. Try it, I dare you. Grab a baby you are aloud to grab and go for a walk. Watch closely and you'll get what I mean.

She did not manage to remove the flower, Mommy did stop her.

Guess what, even peanut butter and honey turns out to be plenty good enough and in fact a fancy sandwich when you ask a kid. I will enjoy every bite. How about you?

P.S. I was singing the first little bit in my head like a rushing, speedy, get-your-butt-in-gear song. I have never tried the sandwich that I linked to but it sure looks good. Let me know if you do and what it's like. Yum!

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