Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspired #8 Staying in

Inspired to stay indoors when the thermometer hits 30 + degrees C (that is 94 to 98 F). So here is a bit of home.

I asked Paul where the TV came from his answer "It came with the house". It turns out many things came with the house. Fun Antique things.

When I moved in to this home my wonderful husband had already renovated the main floor and so the walls were painted and ready to go. I was given full freedom to take over with the rest. (the green chair is most wonderful for sitting and reading with both babies and three years-old)

This great little number is a collaboration between the two of us. He had a box of 9 volt batteries that his Grandpa had collected and I wanted them up on the wall. What came to mind was a vintage letter tray. We took one of these and cut off one end of it. Who would have known that a collection of batteries would look so cool.

For the first corner of the sitting room a few bits of inspiration. 1: bake light phone atop the TV 2: Letter tray already made small 3: TV Salt and pepper, get the old feel without taking up the space 4: Ottoman/sitting pillow for a splash of color, 5: Green chair for sitting in (of course), 6: Old radio turned Armoire, how cute, 7: Standing lamp for in the corner, ours "came with the house".

Other half of the sitting room..

If you have not gathered yet, this is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It is a great blend of both Paul's and my taste, as well as items we have gathered from family and over time.

This lamp is something I found in the back alley behind my basement suite in Calgary and my dad came up with the lamp shade idea. The tree has been in my life since I lived in that same apartment. The little china cabinet holds tea cups and dishes that came from both Pauls Grandma and mine and my mom and other collections.

And this lovely barrister cabinet holds books and more treasures. To list it all is too much. If you want to come and sit with me in the sitting room I could tell you where most of them came from. The bunny was something Paul's Grandma knit for Suzie when she was a baby.

Second half. 1: Red and whit clock to keep the time, 2: Books to put in the barrister to add some vintage feel (not only that they actually look interesting to ready), 3: Desk lamp for all that reading, 4: Red pillows for more pops of color, 5: Ah yes and the barrister for all the treasures, 6: A red couch in any room would do well (okay, maybe not but I sure love the flash of brightness)

Inspired to stay in and enjoy the very home I live in. Thankful for all that I have right here, right now.

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