Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The view from up here...

On Sunday you met Bob. In case you did not get enough of him (I know I didn't) here is more.

She will not let him go. Oh how she loved him.

So now let me show you a bit of where Bob lives and Who he lives with. There will be no names for the sweet family that we visited for the sake of privacy.

They took us up the hill above their lovely home. And oh did my heart melt with memories. I grew up on a plot of land just a little to the East of here and this is so much like my childhood home. Down to the living just above the Assinaboine Valley.

The grass was a little on the prickly side and Jades face says it all. Next time she will wear pants.

The flower to distract attempt.

And it worked....

For a bit, you can see on her face there is still something not quite right.

Check out that view. The family talks of putting a fire pit up here for late night bonfires. Talk about midnight shooting star watching or winter sledding. (only for the row of trees at the bottom. We had a sledding hill that went ended in a barbed wire fence, trees don't seem to bad to me now.)

Little M had no trouble enjoying the hill and all it's little wonders.

See what I mean. Just trekking about in her PJ's. (love a baby in PJ's. My little Jade spends a lot of her day in her sleepers)

I love how in this shot we have two front and center and off to both the right and the left are two more explorers.

What can be seen from such great heights?

Suzie will let you know.

See what I mean about little hill side treasures. We even found a cactus. I know I always thought they were only in the desert. Right here in the land of four seasons you too can find the unexpected.

The stroller that brought them there and then back. Little Z loves to give hugs.

And then these two took me down to the bottom of the property and there you find the creek. Complete with frogs and minnows and little creatures galore.The walk through the woods to get here actually brought tears to my eyes. I spent many a summer day walking and exploring all around the land that I grew up on. Deep into the woods and back again, so many things to see and do.

(Yes he is petting it, I asked if that was the case and why, "Because I like them".)

Brother and sister adventures.

Just in case you were distracted by all the cute kids earlier here is a shot of the view all on it's own.

Such a blessing to have such great family/friends that live in this lovely place. Many visits will take place if I have anything to say about it. Love you guys. Thanks for the tea and adventures.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

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