Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moms Day

Mom. Yes I am talking to you Deborah Joy Martens now Thiessen. You see there are things I get now. I know I will not be able to put into words exactly what it is I want to get across but I will try my best and I will use some pictures to help me out a bit.

These two here with you, they help me get some things I never quit understood when I was without them.

You have done so many things for me and my brothers. Things we had no clue about when we were running wild and fancy free through our forests and fields. But then we were young and fancy free. And we were given that freedom from you.

You let us, no, you encouraged us to be children. To enjoy our youth and explore the new world that opened up to us as we grew. I'm sure it was not easy letting your one and only little girl board that plane and head off to Finland and then down to Africa. Or watching three of your boys marry when they were practically still children (though you really could not say anything as you were married to our dad at the same age).

But that is what I mean. You held us while you could and then you set us free. You still hold us near and dear to your heart and are there when we want to run to you for comfort. (Yes adult children still need their moms).

And then you let us run off again. Now to have children of our own. To be the mommy in our own homes. I still can't believe I am the mom some days. But you have given us a gift that we can never pay you back for and you don't even ask that we do. So for that I say thank you.

Thanks mom for being a kid at heart. Thanks for loving nature and the great out doors.

Thanks mom for all that we know you do and have done and for all that we never had a clue about. That list of things you did and do that we don't know about is much longer than we can imagine.
I love you

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  1. Well said for an awesome I had to wait 19 years to experience and thank you for sharing her with me and others!


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