Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inspired #3

This week we're going to go with the home. A bit of what inspires me around the house. Half the time it is just window shopping but it gets me to keep my eyes open to what I have and could use right here, right now.

1: Air plant, What a cool thing. I think I will try this one day 2: This resembles the lamp we had over our kitchen table while growing up, I have to say I think this one is more awesomer 3: I have a thing for vintage clocks. This one would fit right in. 4: Out side some where just hanging from a random tree with a grouping of plants. How much fun would that be? 5: This Pillow just appeals to the eye in such a way. I think it would be a nice touch of modern in the vintage mix. 6: I have a set similar to this that I plan to hang over one of the windows in the kitchen, Maybe I'll get on that this summer. 7: I say a small toy box in the corner of an antique inspired living room. This could be just the thing 8: And this lamp is just way too much fun to pass up. Out of my price range for now but maybe when I run that cafe in some trendy city. 9: And this little beauty would look great hanging in the corner of the bedroom or in the front hall or.... well you get the idea.

There are things that can be done with what lies right outside the door of my mind. Just to think of them, sometimes there needs to be a bit of knocking from the other side. A little of the past and a little of what is here right now and who knows what you might come up with. Take a look in your back yard, move a rock here and a plant there and suddenly you have an oasis. It doesn't have to be big, just try something different. And always have fun.


  1. Fabulous and inspired finds. Thank you so much for loving my clock...I kinda have a soft spot for them too!...And that bird cage...Ohhhhh Sigh!

  2. THANK YOU! Lovely xoxo Newtonlabel

  3. I love this! Thanks for featuring my fixture!


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