Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday bash

Warning, A lot of baby eating cake pictures at the end. The kind that might gross some out while the mother thinks "Oh isn't this the most darling thing you have ever seen? My baby is covered in cake, awwww"

Last week we had a little birthday bash for Jade.

She was both the honored guest and the entertainment.

Arms akimbo seemed to be her posture of choice. Maybe her way of saying, See I am all grown up now. 1 is the new age to beat.

When the cake made it's way out she just wanted to dive right in.

As you saw here we had little crowns painted up for the kids to wear.

My glorious little one year old. So grown up.

She wasn't the biggest fan of that crown. Something about the elastic I guess. Kid doesn't really care for things on her head.

She swiped that thing off real fast.

I had painted the number on Jades crown and Suzie wanted all the crowns to be numbered so the kids ages all went on their crowns.

Three of the cousins from my side of the family and Grampa Kroeker.

The candle was lite and Jade payed no attention.

The other kids all figured it out real fast though. So we let them at it.

Then we all had some cake. And here comes that which I warned you about. If you wish to avoid the tragic scene of cake in ear syndrome then stop right here.

Just getting started.

I told you it was tragic.

I don't know what she enjoyed more the eating or the feeling of squishing large clumps of it in her little fists.

Looks to me like both.

Then it was time to clear off the tray.

And chase after the run away.

After she was all cleaned up she had to check out her seat and see that it was clean from top to bottom.

That was one amazing tasting cake. Just didn't cut up real pretty. I will most definitely be using this again. I was not able to make the icing as I did not have cream so I just made a regular butter icing. The best part was that filler. OH MY WORD!!!

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