Sunday, April 29, 2012

This and That

This is called, Crushing Daddy with your hefty heft.

The girls are tiny but Paul let's them think other wise for a few minute now and then.

It is more of a jungle gym event than anything.

And they love it.

He let's them know they are loved and tosses them about to show them that.

Suzie took great pride in getting these ready for Jade's party.

She painted all six, all by herself. I painted one and realized that I liked the out come a lot more when her hand had a say in the colors and the placement.

She spent all of one supper preparation working on these with the only interruptions being. "I need more paint mom." or "this ones done, now which one do I do?"

This last week we had a little birthday party for one little girl in this home.

And here she is!!

She turned one on the 21st of this month. A year ago, she was born. A year ago was a most amazing experience with her. A story that sends my heart into shear enjoyment every time I think on it. I love this girl. And What a great year it has been. I look forward to seeing what will come in the years ahead.

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