Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simple pleasures in new things

This was going to get out yesterday but I got busy with getting ready to go out on our first real date in over six months. That is right, Paul and I without a single child. Been rediculously long in the coming. And it was amazing. No kids. Just us two. No questions intermingled with crying. Just us. I was giddy like a newly wed. 

Since I last wrote there have been a few changes around here. The biggest being the snow.

It may not be much but it has changed the atmosphere in the home as well as out doors. We had to turn the furnace on. Yes we had managed until this week to go without the heat on. Okay, not totally true, we had the floor heat on in both the kitchen/bathroom and basement. Those do make a big difference. Only thing they do not effect as much as we might like is the upper floor and seeing as that is where we all sleep it had come time to turn things on. Sadly the furnace seems to make little difference up there as well. But a lot of blankets and we are all good.

First exploration of the year. Just checking out what all got covered by the snow.

Next was our first visit to this fairly local restaurant in nearby Virden.

I love to watch these two sit next to each other. First you have this little lady and her constant activity...


And then you have this man in his most still way. The two are a contrast in both size and activity.

Jade was determined to remove the warning label from her car seat. Turns out that thing is Glued on.

Sunday morning breakfast at lunch time in a restaurant where I did not make the meal. It's all good.

And if you didn't notice, Suzie was excited about eating her massive pancake.

So Monday morning I came up with a little saying that I should remind myself of every time I try this.

Bun dough mixing in the kitchen aid...

Jade in the high chair, very unhappy cause this toy is no longer enjoyable...

A sink that was filling, (I turned it off before I shot this photo).....

While those three things were in motion I decided I had enough time to get to the computer, look up a recipe, and print it out.

I then forgot about the sink and did not think of it till I wondered at that sound. It sounds like a tap running? Hmmm.. OH!!! It is water running. This is what I must say from now on when it comes to multitasking.

Just because I can
And just because I do
Does not always mean I should.

Multitasking. We all do it. Not always wise. Thankfully I heard the tap running and not the floor being covered in soapy water.

 It turned out okay in the end. I ended up being able to put my arm in the sink and let out some of the water without over flow. I also ended up with some of the best scones I have ever had. PUMPKIN. Yikes!! I will have to post on that yet to come.

The Buns had to be made as I was out and needed more for the week for Paul's lunches. The scones were pure pleasure and were a great treat for our tea with a wonderful friend. 

Melissa, though we do not get together often I still enjoy our visits. Last year she was there to help with our Christmas decorations. This year you will have to keep in tune to see what we have planned next.

Here they are, the treat that turned out so well that I in fact have just pulled another batch out of the oven for today. I am now just trying to find someone to share them with. Let me know if you can come over.

AHHH yes and then there was this.

She now sits in the high chair. I have to tie her in there or she would scoot out the bottom. We have started into solids. This transition always makes me a bit nervous. For some reason I wonder if I will remember to feed them when they are on to normal food. Ha ha, I just read that. Ha ha. As if a mother could forget to feed her child.

The metal tray makes for a fun noise maker. Give the kid a spoon and the clanging can go on for some time.

And on Jades head is a sampling of what is to come in my own little world. I have been inspired to start selling something and have found something I enjoy making. I'll let you know when I get stuff into my "shop".

As for now I have something not so new happening that I have to go take care of. Jade is awake and guess what? I think I need to go get her. I think that is what I am to do. Right? Or am I forgetting something important about having a kid?

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  1. I have so much pumpkin! I need that recipe!
    Your tea with M looked wonderful! We miss her too. love the hats that have been on J lately too. adorable. I crocheted some little wee ones for our girls dolls for Christmas and it was great fun. Nothing elaborate, just fun!


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