Thursday, September 1, 2011

The start of a runner.

Dare I say that? Dare I claim that I am going to keep this up when it has only been the second day and winter is really not that far around the corner?

Well lets just say that the last two days I have taken a run/walk with both my girls and have found great joy in it. Most of the trip consists of my heavy laboured breath try to respond to my lovely Suzie's queries of life. The other portion is the pleasure I can take in the work being accompanied by her lovely voice telling stories that I can barely hear.

At times, no, most often, I am dissapointed at my poor hearing. It is such that I cannot fully comprehend what she is saying if she is faced forward while I run behind her. I have learnt to trust her when she tells me there is something going on that I cannot hear. For instance she can hear the train whistle long before I get hold of the sound. She will tell me when Jade is awake upstairs when first Jade's little voice makes a peep.

So while running I can only grasp little snippets of her personal conversation but it most likely goes something like this.

"Are you riding in thee stroller?"
"yeah, I'm riding in thee stroller?"
"Who is pushing thee stroller."
"Oh...that's just mommy pushing thee stroller."
And so on and so forth.

Here we go. Buckled up and ready to rumble.

At the end of the old highway is a quiet location to explore

The hands behind her back has been something she has done from the time she was a baby. And I mean that most literaly. She would lay on her stomach even before she could crawl and her hands would go back there.

Study the world through a child's eyes and I am sure you would see things you may have never seen before or have forgotten about from the days when you were a child. Of this I am sure.

Puddles contain a simple magic that we now need a lake or an ocean to find.

My serious girl checking out the world around her.

Then suddenly she turns back into the joyful little lady. I had just told her to smile. I don't ever want to "teach" her what a "proper" smile looks like.

Her eye has been caught with something once again.

And the face that is saying "let's go, can you run mom? Can we go to thee post office?"

All right my love let's go.

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