Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lazy Sundays.

Getting behind can be a pain but fun at the same time. You see if I wasn't behind on these posts I would not be looking at pictures from a whole week ago. Looking back even a week is fun sometimes.

These photos come from last Sunday, a whole week late. But so what. You didn't know that till I told you and I get to enjoy going through them again.
Last weekend we were joined by my brother and his family for a trip to the lake. It was to windy to go fishing but not to windy for a picnic and some playing.

The Dragon flies out in droves. Alex pointed out to me that those sparkly things on the branches way above our heads were all dragon flies sunning themselves. I pulled out my lens to take a closer look. Sure enough they bejewel the trees like some lovely art work.

I took this picture for two reasons. One I like these birds, they make me smile with their bright colors. Two: it reminds me of what Suzie said to me as one stood in our path at a distances. I had pointed it out to her telling her to look at the bird and she responded with "No, that's not a bird, that's a gold finch."

Fun to watch how each kid likes to enjoy their surroundings.

I love it when babies sleep anywhere. Just Frapped out on her uncles belly.

I love this family. I love spending time with them in a relaxed setting. The kids interacting and the parents taking care of all of them.

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  1. so sweet to see Aunties and Uncles enjoying a Sunday together. you almost got a belly shot in there...ha ha.


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