Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Days gone by

Yesterday as I lay out in the scorching sun I watched my daughter play in her little wading pool. Some how the heat and there was this smell, reminded me of my days back in South Africa.
The weather these days has been stifling. The type of heat that is impossible to move in. Your body seems to wish to give out even before you can consider if that is wise or not. I find sudden memories like that to be a fun diversion in life. The air and the sounds along with feelings all come flooding back as though it were only yesterday. People you were with that you have not seen for years and don't even know where they are anymore.

I often wonder what has come of friends that I once knew and called close. As I think of them and the influences they have had on who I am as a person today, I wonder if they too recall our short time spent together passing through space. Did I bring good influences into their lives? Something as simple as how I shape bun dough was affected by a girl I knew in Norway who was from Russia. Or how I think of fashion by a young man I met in Sweden. Years of my fashion were affected by him.

Case in point: It was because of him that I first came to the idea that I might get a tattoo one day.

We were good friends and spent much of our time together. And now I do not even know where in the world he is.

I have never regretted the "lose" of the friend ships. I know some people have a hard time with moving on and I do get where they are coming from but I have learnt over years of travel that to meet new people, become close, and then move on to the point of even losing touch is not a bad thing in the end. They had a purpose in your life and you in theirs and then it was time to go on. New people to impact and be impacted by.

There are stages in life that last longer than others. Family is a life long connection that really can rarely be found anywhere else. All these people have come and gone from my life but my family remains. I have grown and changed for the better in most situations and am who I am today because of it. And that is what comes flooding into my mind when I have a sudden flash back.
For those times I am thankful and for this time as well.

I wonder at times where my girls may go one day. But I know there will always be family in their hearts. I hope to instill in them the love of life and all they may meet.


Back to "these days"

These past few days have been hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. This province is known for it's weather extremes. Summers that go up to 48 degrees with the humidex and winters that reach basement temperatures of -40. Right now we are reaching for the heights. To beat the heat we do what we can.

On Sunday Suzie woke up with a runny nose and bleary eyes. We decided to go to the lake despite that and the outside temperatures sky rocketing.

No pockets for her hanky so I tied it to her dress.

She was determined that she should go fishing as well so I found this "rod" for her and fixed it up.

Down to the lake she goes.

Look at that casting form. It won't be long when she can have a real rod.

Paul took this shot of the trees we were lying under.

I do not know what possessed me on Monday to pull out the stops when it comes to baking. Buns and Tortillas on a plus 35 day?

Just keep the a/c going as much as possible.

Then it was back out into Suzie's wading pool.

If you look closely you will see the swirl of hair on her back. I love this small feature and it is too often covered with a shirt.

Nothing more fun than drinking from a spouting source of water. Just ask my mom.

These Blue eyes are finding their way open more often every day. I love these eyes. I love watching her watch her sister.

There will come a time when I look back at these days. When watching my grand kids maybe, or just even some small children playing I will have a sudden flash back to the days that I had little ones. The days when I was the center of their world. Then I will think of all the changes that have taken place and be thankful for all that I have been a part of.

Happy Wednesday to you all.

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