Monday, October 18, 2010

Potty learning, the time has come

I sit here with a little pantied girl at my feet. I watch her every move like the days she was learning to walk or the back yard had no fence. I watch to see if there is a sign that she needs the potty and she just isn't telling me. Potty learning is like every new step in your child's life. You watch intensely hoping it all goes well. You ask yourself a hundred times "will this ever happen? is it to early to start teaching this new skill, can we really manage this?". But just as all the other skills have been learnt and soon become so natural it is forgotten how much pain or time may have been involved. This too shall pass from present to past. So that when my little Suzie has one of her own and asks "how did you do it mom? Is it really possible?" I'll respond with "I'm not sure what we did, I don't really remember."

The time has come. The learning has begun. There is no turning back. She will now spend the days in panties. We have taken the plunge. Is she ready? Yes most certainly. Am I ready? I'll let you know when it is in the past and I have forgotten that it felt impossible and that I doubted myself and the tolerance that I would have.

It is now three days later. This potty learning thing has turned out to be a snap with Suzie. She was most obviously ready. We have now had three days straight of dry. Will there be regression? most likely. But are we there for now? YES!!. Don't get me wrong, of course I do not believe we are done. But we have moved from always wearing diapers to mostly wearing underwear. She wears a diaper for nap time and bed time. A trip to Brandon? I'm not totally sure yet what that will mean. But we have crossed over. The biggest step, in my opinion, is behind us. As with learning to walk there are falls so here too shall be some accidents. But as I said she learnt to walk at 13 months so too shall I say she learnt to use the potty at 22 1/2 months.


Now her pants are too large and don't stay up for the lack of diaper to hold them in place. I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I'm happy, I stressed overly about this. I fretted. I need to go back to the more relaxed place from where I came. I seem to have taken this mothering thing as a right to worry. Sheesh! how many people around the world do this, and do a damned fine job of it? To many to count. So what makes me special? Nothing. Children learn, they are born to learn. So of course we will move forward and grow and learn and change. That is what we are made for.

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  1. Ha ha I called it in this very post. Today was the day for falling back. HOpefully tomorrow well get back on the ball.


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