Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Growing so fast

I know they all say it. "Time flies when your having fun" but that is not all that sends times wings aflutter. Having a kid does it too. My Word is all I can say. It seems like only yesterday this little girl was my fresh little "purple dumpling". So small and so fragile, totally unable of doing a thing for herself. Now, you ask? What is she up to now?

Well she has four teeth (and as is true to her nonconforming ways they are all on the bottom instead of the typical two bottom, two top). She sits all on her own and sleeps through the night. (that last one is a mile stone that every parent loves to tell of) She feeds herself cheerios and begs to eat anything that is on my plate. If it comes at her on a fork she will swallow it down even if it is spicy taco meat. Is she crawling yet you ask? No and that is okay for now. As she is mostly happily entertained just sitting on the floor.

She has taken on my love for the outdoors. It seems almost any mood she is in can be altered to the better if taken outside. I hope to continue that trend for a long time.

I was looking at pictures of life only a year and a half ago. And trust me time sure does fly indeed when you are having fun.

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