Friday, January 23, 2015

tea time

I got to have tea with this one a few weeks back.

Oh, You didn't know that doesn't happen every day? Oh....well it doesn't

You see, often when a little one lives in the same house as you and is always present in your life, day and night with you and needing you, things like sitting down to a cup of tea aren't common.

She is such a hoot. She has been fun to have around her whole life. She has made me laugh for years. But.

She's getting really good at it. She is actually getting a bit of a skill at telling jokes. To make them up. Her sense of humor is really starting to show.

She still tells some groaners but, frankly, so do I. What hope is there for her if she is learning from me. I find the jokes that make me laugh the hardest are when they are more like her dads.

I so look forward to spending time with this one. On watching her grow through the years to come.

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