Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Christmas day

So it's still January. That means it's not too late for a Christmas past post is it? Well even if this is WAY PAST DUE I'm going to go for it. I like these girls and I like spending time with them. So why not share wit you some of the time we got to spend on our very own Christmas day.

Checking out the "loot" around the tree.

Jade didn't realize that there was something for her at the same time. I had to get her started on opening her goody bag.

Suzie showing off her new slippers.

Jade showing hers off too.

Checking out the really great gift Dad found for the girls second hand. This thing is in amazing shape for being nearly 20 years old.

One of the dolls I made for the girls. (I still need to dress them up and give them their due in a photo shoot.)

Suzie starting drivers ed. Jade helping guide her through the living room.

If this is any indication on Suzie's future in driving we will be putting some big safety features into her next car and hefty insurance.

Checking out the engine to be sure there is enough oil and the gas levels are good. At least she will be able to service her own heavily padded car.

And I put these five beauties together for my girl as well. It turns out the plastic in them snaps easily. The pink bow one has become a necklace and the button one is just gone. The other three still live on now that we know she can't treat them like a regular toy.

And there you have a bit of our Christmas here at home.

For supper that night we had what will be our traditional supper. Butter chicken and Naan bread. Yup and Indian dish for a not Indian family. Last year when I asked Paul what we should make I wanted something that was not done in all the other Christmas meal we would enjoy. Lasagna with his family and Turkey with mine. Ham was something that we had often through out the year. Butter chicken was his conclusion. It will not be the only time we have it in a year for sure but more than likely it will be.  

Well. I guess that's it. It is now 2013 and it is only 335 days till next Christmas. That means I'm either really late on my post or just super early for next year. Happy end of January all. Hope February finds you in a place of settling into the new and looking forward in a relaxed state of mind.

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