Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mom's day/My day

When it comes to these days (the ones the calendar tells us to do something special for someone special) there comes this mixed feeling deep in my gut. One f questioning and possible disappointment. I admit I hate it. So Paul and I have done our best to curb it. Remove the disappointment by talking long before the day comes.

Why do I get disappointed? Well you see there is all the talk and hype. Things "should be done just so" kind of stuff. I hate to admit that I fall for it. Valentines means hearts and diamonds and mothers day? Well I don't even know. Some mom's get stuff from their husbands. My man does not think in terms of the calendar. He thinks on his own terms, his own time. He will leave me a note on the dry erase board by the freezer just cause he wants to. He will look at me and say "you are a good mom" just cause that is what he is thinking at that moment.

So the decided action is this. Mother's day and Father's day are up to the kids. When they are too young to know that the calender is saying it is time to thank mom then dad helps. They go to the local grocery store and pick something out. Dad gets up in the morning with the kids and makes breakfast. Then the rest of the day is nice hang out time. So here is our Mother's day in a long string of pics.

First off it was down to Beaver dam. A small back road takes you down to a creek where the beavers like to build their little homes.

It often has minnows and other such fun aquatic creatures. Also many a song bird to be heard.

Paul made this little catch tool for Suzie. Mainly got her started in playing in the water.

It got laid aside for better water working tools

Her own two hands.

Rocks got tossed and skipped.

Hands got washed (this made her nervous at first, not knowing what dads full intent was but she got used to it)

And this is about where my battery died. Which turned out to be a blessing for though I missed a lot of fun picture opportunities I got to get involved in the water play. To the point where I had one wet shoe and another wet sock. Jade spent this whole time sleeping in the car. From here we went to another fun local spot to see the sits. Then home for a bit before heading to the farm for supper.

I picked up a charged battery and we were off.

Gramma and Aunty with the young ones.

This little guy (who is not so little) gave his mommy a great gift. He started to walk. He had been able to for sometime but was never to keen on it. Till now. Now he sees the merit in all the hoopla. "oooh, this is good stuff"

Suzie's all time favorite part of drawing.

"ooohh This is all so great!"

Supper laid out.

Here is the woman I get to call mom cause I married her son. Pretty fun

Than the two brothers played a bit of this game. I don't know what it is called but there it is.

And then their two girls took a turn at it. With all the ball tossing these two did I am shocked that not once was a single head bonked.

They were flinging those things everywhere.

And Jade bean showing off her climbing skills.

This little lady gave me a wonderful gift that day as well. She learned reverse gear. Stairs are no longer a worry. Yay for going down feet first and not head first!!!

It was a wonderful day. It was just what I want my "days off" to look like. Time spent with family, relaxed and taking it easy.

How do you combat the calendar and make the day your own? I say if it isn't working, change something, even it is your own mind.

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  1. I like that you can plan your day and communicate so there's no room for hard feelings. So often my "special days" have been spent without my hubby and it's always OK if we've discussed what we should do ahead of time. This year the girls just took over, which they normally do. Looks like you had a good good good day!


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