Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter shinanigans

So I am going back in time here once again. I know, you totally did not expect that from me. I never go back further than a couple of days.

Okay, if you don't know me very well than you don't know that that is total sarcasm. I know the truth. I am a lazy blogger, putting up post only when they strike my fancy. I will admit I wish it struck my fancy more often but alas this is where I am and I don't really want to change me that much.

Yes. I know enough about all of that, get on with the pics. If you are anything like me that is the main reason you come here. Who wants to read all about this random persons feelings about writing only when the mood hits just right and the stars and planets align. Seriously.....

Get on with the pictures already.

Right, so if you are only here for the photos, do you really want me to describe what is happening or just leave that up to your imaginations?

Well I hope you said you wanted some descriptions cause that is what I like to do.
Just like this....

Picture, description, picture, description, description, on and on it goes.

"Yay, you got it right, give us a small description and then get on to the next photo."

So take a look down from here and you will see just that. A few words to bring you through our Easter Holiday and a little before that.


This is Easter? Yes, yes it is. If you will look to the far left of the photo above you will find a mixer whirring up a batch of Paska (for this you must take my word cause there are no pictures of the finished product this year, or any year for that matter. Hmm I was sure I had a pic on here somewhere but I guess I am wrong. Moving on.)

And in this picture you will see, again to the far left, a shwack load of boiled eggs, containers full of natural dyes and the four pots in the middle are where I made said dyes.

See. we are getting ready to set the eggs in the coloring solutions. I'm not joking on the dyes in the tubs, you will see it.

It's coming, are you excited? She sure was.

Telling me how we are about to color the eggs.

There, she is dropping them in.

Ahhh, yes, color. The one she is working on is Saskatoon juice, no sugar added of course.

So here is the thing about my Easter prep this year. I did it all in one and a half days. I mean all. The eggs, the Paska, and the bunnies. Yes I made some bunnies too. They're coming, just wait. Anyhow, I tell you this to explain the lack of finished product pictures. No colored eggs to show. No paska loaves all steaming and pretty. But that is okay. We ate them and that is what mattered. Oh yeah and it was fun. 

Moving on again.

Next morning getting the eggs out of the color solution.

There, you can see the corner of one purple/blue egg. They were really cool. The best colors came from the Saskatoons, turmeric, and red onion skins. More boring colors from cranberry stuff, and paprika with a bit of tea.

And here they are. Seven little bunnies all in a row. Ready to head out into the woods.

They were super fun to make and super fun to give. And I threw them together the same day I made paska and few more the next morning. REALLY EASY!!!!!!

See, no legs or arms to mess with. Suzie chose which one was to go to each of the cousins and herself.

Then the Easter egg hunt. Jade didn't really hunt much. More like just watching.

The older cousins helped the little ones.

Then Jade started to head for the bush. There is a baby sized cliff just out of view.

Moms and Gramma watch with the other not yet walking.

While growing up my folks would hide these little tin foil eggs all around in the woods where we grew up. I loved it. I love the memories. I loved how after a bit of searching and finding eggs it started to look like the moss was a green one or the bark was a pink one. And my folks did something that I love. I totally plan to do every year for my girls.

They never counted. You never knew if you had found them all. It has been known to happen that we would find an egg in the fall. How fun is that? We didn't know if it was safe to eat after that length of time and when we did open it the chocolate was all white and stale looking. But fun...Who wouldn't love to find a pink or blue egg in fall and remember what was and what is really not that far from coming again.

Running down the path to that one seen off in the distance. Can you spot an egg in this pic?

Yup. That's it.

After the older kids helped the younger ones on the edge of the woods there were more to be found deeper in. Next year maybe I can get more time and be smart to not wear a sweater when trying to hide eggs in the bush to hide more and further in.

But for this year it was great fun. Now I know why my folks liked hiding the eggs. I loved it. I loved scouting out spots to stick them and watching the kids eyes light up when finding them.

And the bunnies were well enjoyed. This little guy had the ears so soaked on this thing it would take a week to dry.

Bunny getting flung.

Hope you all had a great Easter with the ones you love. We sure did.

 Now I am off to do some sewing.


  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun. I'm coming next year lol!

  2. Love those little stuffed would be a fun thing to teach my girls how to do. Small enough, cute enough and quick enough. Just realized now that the little bunny on J's outfit is just like our real little Beatrix now! ha ha.


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