Monday, April 2, 2012

Angie and the New Life expanding

Angie and The New Life has expanded once again. I've taken her out of the house and moved her into a space all her own on the World Wide Web. And now her wares are for sale.

I am excited to announce (finally, I know, took me long enough) the opening of my shop on Etsy.

I adore sewing little things for my girls and have made them many a pare of pants or stuffed toy plus so much more. The hard part about our little home is there is not enough room to store all the items I would like to make. So the next best thing was to share them. Now they can be found online for all the world to enjoy. Hopefully some people out there have bigger homes than we do who will take just as much pleasure in these items as I do in making them.

I want to bring some of the childlike innocence back into our every day lives. I love the simpler things in life and wish there was more of it. Simpler fashions for the kids to wear

Simpler toys for the imagination to take flight with

More books, less television. More time outdoors, less battery operated toys. Not that these things are bad just maybe over done.

I want my girls to grow up with the ability to find joy in the simplest thing. A sunset or the rain hitting the window. I want every day to be new.

And I want to share these things with you.

Simple, vintage inspired, hand made items to be enjoyed in our every day.

Check out the shop. See what else I have kicking around.

And know that if it takes a long time to update here and there it is because I am busy doing just what I said. Enjoying the simpler things. Spending time with my loved little ones.Or sewing, gardening, or anything that involves good quality time.

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