Monday, December 26, 2011

Thiessen Christmas 2011

We are in the throws of the Christmas season, even still. Though today is the 26th and many are done with the gifts and Christmas dinners, looking forward to the new years celebrations and moving from the festivities. There is yet one more celebration to take part in. Paul's family will be having their family gift exchange and get together on the 29th. but till then.....Here I sit with an after eight to eat even if it is already after nine and my Husband playing Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Wii.

My parents came out for a week on the 15th and we all took part in the Thiessen Christmas at Alex and Gabs. All but one of my brothers with families were there. Breakfast was taken in and then the gift opening began.

Each of the Grand kids received a set of hand made by Grandma PJs. Suzie put hers on for the night and wore them for the next day and a half with two nights in between there.

(a quick peek in on what Paul is doing and now I am back.)

It is such a blast to watch all the kids and adults opening their gifts all at the same time. Only thing is I miss capturing some of the moments.

Only some.....This little man, Elias, is the son of my youngest brother and man some days I feel as though I am a kid again looking into that face. As though we have gone back in time to a day when he was still my little baby brother and not my grown baby brother with boys of his own. This little man loves to be held and would cling to Caleb, my second youngest brother. Caleb would say that he was going to put him down now and Elias would just sweetly say "no". No fight, no tantrum just "no".

And here is the youngest of them all at this point. Alex and Gabs little Bennett. Sweet little soul.

I do not have a picture of Suzie's PJs from my mom other than what you can see to the left there. Do you like the colors? I know I sure do.

A felt sandwich that Christie made for her son.

The hat/granny square scarf that she made for Gab.

One nephew putting on one of the capes I made.

Elias showing Bennett the puppy that was a gift for Bennett.

A Lego set for Aleksie. He sat and studied this for about two whole minutes before he looked up with sheer excitement in his eyes.

Okay look up. See that top lip on this little man? When his dad was a little boy we always called it his Dukie lip. So cute!!

Mommy opening her gift from my dad.

"Oh really? is this from that place? Oohh I love it" I can't remember the name of the store but it was a shirt that came in a box and is a no iron Cotton with ruffles on the sleeves and around the collar. Reminded her of something she would have worn when she was young.

Ah yes the pile of gift rap making it's way to the children's waist lines.

Checking out the cape.

Storm Trooper for the boys that love to be hero's.

The after math. I get a kick out of the after math. Something about a bunch of colored papers strewn around a typically clean floor. I screams "fun was had here".

Another cape.

And that bottom lip screams "I got to have candy at a time that I would normally not be eating candy"

Check out this soother, see on the back here there is a picture of a dragon fly. It really is a great soother.

See what I mean?

And once the gifts have been opened and the kids are running around in new pajamas and capes it is time for the adults to sit down with that second cup of coffee and the eggnog that we drink only in this season.

Now Jade is showing off her busy blanket from her Aunt Christie. This thing has got it all. Zippers, buttons, ribbons,....

Granny squares, foot balls, pockets, flaps, tags, badges, mice, stars..... and on it goes. Trust me and adult can sit and explore for hours on end.

Once the gifts had found their ways from giver to receiver we went home for lunch and nap time and supper preparations. Then it was back to the gathering at Alex and Gabs. Supper and dessert and a good game to end it all off. The kids all lay down for the start of the night upstairs. It took a lot of up and down the stairs for a lot of parents but eventually sleep over came excitement and there was some time as just the adults.

The next day was a gathering over at Alex and Gabs for more fun and visits. I threw some icing together so that the kids might all take part in decorating some ginger bread cookies.

Turns out if you give kids free reign over icing in a bag the cookies become recognisable only as blobs of icing. I let go of my perfectionist ways of last year and ended up with a lot more interesting designs this year.

Next post (which I hope to put up soon) will be of the Christmas we had here as a family. Just the four of us. Quiet relaxed day.

Hope you had a merry Christmas and allow the ginger bread men get covered in inch thick icing. The days are just so much sweeter when you remember that it is not about the perfection but instead about the serious enjoyment that every one takes part in. Have fun no matter what the age of yourself and your companions. It is all fun when you just let go of the things that stress you out.....I know, easier said than done.

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