Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Over full

There is just too much that has been in the past weeks. I have not kept up with what we have been up to.
Frankly that is because it feels like we have been up to a whole lot of nothing mixed in with a whole lot of something.
I wonder some days how I will keep up with all the plans that I make for myself. It is not even that I plan things that "have" to get done. NO! I plan things that I want to do. The list seems as long as my left arm some days. (and yes I would say my left arm is longer than my right cause if you measure the muscle mass in there, when flexed, that arm has a substantial baby carrying bump to it.) I want to get so many things done before my parents arrive here tomorrow. My extended family is having their Christmas on Sat. Once that is done they will be around for about a week. During that time I want to do nothing but visit. Cookies done, buns made, all projects for Christmas gifts finished. Will this happen? Nope, But that is because I have that list that is too long. I set myself up for failure, so to speak. But that is okay. I also set myself up to enjoy a lot of things and get a long list shortened and finished. You see, when you want to do all those things, you figure out which ones are the most important and you run with them.
Sometimes I get side tracked from what I care most about, but then I remember to sit on the floor and build a block tower fifty times in front of the baby so that she can knock it over fifty times.

I do the things that I want. When I remember that what I really want is to enjoy my family. And so what if that one batch of cookies doesn't get made this year. And the house sits a bit messy for the evening. I do these things cause they are important.
I want to set up Christmas decorations with my family.

Not so much for the decorations (okay, truth is I love them) but also for the fun it brings to my little girl.

I have child hood memories of setting up Christmas with my mom. The traditions are for the kids. It brings around a sense of home and history.

And how much fun for a three year old to feel so important in the setting up of the old 50's tree.

Jade wants to get in on the action like it's totally her business.

Mommy saying no is a really sad thing.

I do want to go to the post office to pick up the mail everyday (though it is more like once every three days in the end). Who wouldn't want to though. There is stuff coming. Stuff that has been ordered. Gifts that have been sent.

With stickers. OOOHHH Stickers.

Lovely little books written by cousins for cousins.

I do want to bake cookies and get my girl involved even if the stars are missing points or the ginger bread men are stretched beyond recognition.

I always want to encourage older sisters to help take care of younger sisters, even though it means more time to get the job done than not.

I want to remember how Suzie would crawl up behind Jade and give her a big hug even if it looked like she might be squishing her. She's not, I know cause Jade would not be smiling and laughing.

I want to remember Jade flinging that Lulu around like a flag.

Or how she just loves any form of fabric as long as she can chew on it and fling it around.

I do want to stop and appreciate the fact that today she LEFT the kitchen where I was to find toys to play with all on her own.

( P.S. Paul took these two shots of her)

I do want to take the time to encourage my girls love for music. Even if that means stopping what I am doing to put the record on and then not too long later turning it over. Yup good old LP's.

And the bonus is that she listens to all the albums that I grew up with. Memories.

I want to sit in front of the Christmas tree and read books to the girls. Even if there are dishes to do and Jade squirms like the living creature she is. (I don't know if you have noticed this yet but I am not too good at word pictures, I guess actual photos is how this one rolls.)

As for now I lift my hands and say TA DA. I'm getting something done. May not be everything but it's the good stuff.

Happy Wednesday to you all. Anniversary coming soon. Hope to start something to celebrate our lives together (Paul and I, it's our anniversary on the 16th)

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