Thursday, October 20, 2011

This weeks days.

I feel I am empty of words. I desire to write what is in me but when I try to go there it seems lost. I sense my thoughts are balloons floating away on the winds of time, swept away by constant distractions. Talking daily for many hours at a time to a nearly three year old and gooing to a baby does that to a person. When I do get that fleeting moment of thought alone it has to muddle through the things to get done before inflating the thoughts on life and love. I would have once considered myself to be a deep thinker, now the deepest thoughts I can muster are "Where did that lost toy go?" and "I wonder if my baby needs a diaper change or not?"

"YIKES! what is Suzie doing to Jade?"

"oh, never mind it was nothing"

And so I often come here to write about life and wonder where it is going. What am I forgetting?

Oh yeah. We had Alex and Gab over for supper on Saturday. Just a quick meal thrown together so that we could throw ourselves into conversation while our kids threw themselves into stitches running circles around the living room. There is this game they play, run in circles and "trip" over some unseen object and laugh your heads off.

Here is another human that loves to love his child while they cry. There is something about a young human crying like the world is ending when in fact they just aren't the most comfortable at that moment.

And a little teasing just to sweeten the love. Baby gets what he wants, just not this moment.

Clean up time is when you get together and ask the littles "is this green?" or something like that.

"here you go, can you put it away?"

Sunday held a baby shower for Paul's sister. I caught this moment between two cousins.

This is a beautiful young girl who loves her cousins with much evidence.

I love watching little people loving other little people.


Then there was monster trucks on TV the other night. Suzie liked the pink one. "there's a lady in that one"

Jade face says it all. "This. Is. Awesome."


I put together this blanket for Jade. It was to be a quick project but man did I foul up the first time around. It was one of those that I had gotten so far with and left a nasty trail of not what I had planned. I was ready to just toss the thing in the corner and walk away.

The Legs were ridiculously long, as in the length was good for Suzie. And this was meant to be used in the car seat. Something to wrap her in before going out somewhere without having to unwrap her to get her strapped into car seat or stroller.

And that little Manitoba applique? That is not the original. The original was smaller and, well, I hate to admit it but it was backwards. East had become west and west, east. Paul was not convinced that it could not be rectified and so he encouraged me to go in and fix it.

I am so glad I did. It was worth the time for the final product is better than I had first hoped. It turns out this blanket with feet works for more than just the car seat. It makes a wonderful blanket that keeps her legs warm while being in a carrier and the rocking chair in the living room.

Suzie wanted in on the action, I can no longer take pictures without Suzie clamoring for her glamour shot.

Turns out she is a goof ball more often than not.

And helpful as well. Always there for a sister, even in the throws of a good sneeze.

Turns out I remember more than I thought, just takes some prompting from the things I have seen. And so what if I can't seem to think straight while working on my projects and I have to go over them two or three times. I am learning how to deal with mistakes and either turn them around or re-write them. Just don't give up. There is always a chance to correct what didn't go quit right the first time. And in the mean time I get to watch my daughters love life like I only can dream about. When Suzie opened that Hershey's kiss and found that it wasn't chocolate but white instead the wonder a surprise in her eyes was wonderful. And the sheer joy while eating it was apparent in every look of her eyes.
So here's to loving life through my girls and experiencing things again for the first time

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