Sunday, August 7, 2011

This summers project

Early this year, shortly after Jade was born, Paul took on a project that was for Suzie. We had talked for some time last year that she needed a sand box. He also had in mind a play house. I did not know what his vision was until it started to take form in the back yard.

It doesn't look like much to start but He knew where he was going from here.

The start of something good.

The door made it's way up there quick so that he knew what he was working around. The door came from the dump. It is a barely used RV door. I can't remember exactly why it is short but it was made that way.

A roof and some siding.

The siding came from Pauls good friend Roger.

Then we needed some stairs

And a railing around the deck. Yes that is right she now has her own little deck.

A great stain job made quick and easy with a paint sprayer that was purchased off of ebay.

A small back window to let in more light. There are also some RV windows both facing north and south.

Sand in the sand box.

A little time with dad playing in the sand.

A small stone step to be just like mom.

The outside veiw..

Tucked in nicely in it's own little forest. Okay that might not be a forest even at the best of times but sure looks back woodsy considering it is in town.
I have tried to take a few photos of the inside but I can't seem to get the lighting right just yet. I will try again some day and then let you know.
This is Suzie's own little home. One day I can see her and Jade spending a lot of time in there. Bossing each other around like only little girls can do. As long as they are nice to each other while being bossy I am okay with that. That is yet to come and then I will have to figure out how to deal with it then. Till that time we will go on with our days as we do.

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