Monday, April 25, 2011

Where to begin.

I am so far behind on these posts that I don't even know where to start. I have many pictures from before Jade was born of Suzie and our lives here at home, and then of course there is all that has happened since. There is a story to be told for each part of these, including the transition from a three unit family to a four. I want to tell the story of Jades birth and I wish to begin with that as it is still fresh in my heart. The wonder and shock of it all.

Unlike my pregnancy with Suzie I had false labor a few times with Jade. Because of this I was unprepared for the real deal. Slight contractions started the evening before she came and continued through the night. I awoke at 3:00 am due to the contractions coming every 2 to 3 minutes but was able to be relaxed and just putter around the house. The contractions were strong in the sense that they did start in my back and move forward but not at all painful. In fact I never thought of them as painful till 11:45 am.

I was able to return to bed at 4:00 and sleep till 5:00. I again got up. I decided to take a warm bath as that can stop false labour. The contractions continued and did not slacken. I again went back to bed at around 6:00 and slept for another hour. When I awoke at 7:00 it seemed the contractions had slowed right down. At this point I was disappointed cause I truly believed that it had been false labour and I had waisted a night due to it. I got up around 8:00 and decided to go on with my day. The contractions did start up again in full force but I still did not believe them.

Finlay at about 11:00 there were a few small signs other than contractions. I was on the phone with my mom in Calgary and at 11:30 decided it was time to have some lunch. I got the soup that I was going to have out of the fridge and put it in a bowl to warm it in the microwave. The bowl made it to the top of the stove and got no further for the rest of the day. As I moved the soup there was a sensation like I have never known before and with a sudden realisation that I was indeed having this baby today, my water broke. That is when things started to come on strong.

Paul didn't even have time to take off his jacket.

I tried to call Paul on his cell phone and it rang in the kitchen. Poor Suzie became confused at this time as her mom is walking around having said that something has broken and dealing with phones ringing where they should not. Suzie sat at the table saying "it's loud, it's loud" over and over again in a very concerned voice. I called the school where Paul works and they did not answer. This has never happened to me before. At that point I was unsure as to what to do so I called His parents. Irv tells me that he will drive down to the school to let Paul know what has happened. Thankfully Wendy was able to get ahold of him on msn and he was on his way in a short minute. The trip that usually takes him 20 minutes only took him 10. For this I was extremely thankful as I was already feeling like I could push.

I tried to call Gab cause she was going to take Suzie when the time came. But of course she had stepped out of the house for those exact ten minutes and I was left trying to get things ready to go to the hospital while having strong contractions and Suzie fallowing me around with great concern. All in all it was a very crazy ten minutes. When Paul arrived he told me that he had seen Gab walking into her house as he drove by so we knew at that point we could leave Suzie there when we were ready to go. We literally threw everything into the car, laid down some plastic and towels on my seat and took off. Poor Suzie was practically thrown at Gab and we were on our way.

Jades first bath, not too impressed.

This is where the blurring begins. We drove fast, this much I know. Whenever Paul would slow down to 120 or 115 I felt a slight bit of anger that he wasn't continuing on with the 140. But I also knew that being stopped by the cop who lingers most commonly around a certain small town would only slow our progress worse than the 115 speed Paul was taking. The midwife returned my page and told me that she would head to the hospital when the staff told her I arrived. I told Paul there was no way on earth she would make it.

Really wasn't into the new do either.

My midwife was a woman from Winnipeg out to help the midwives in Brandon over the holidays. It turns out that she was having lunch with the Brandon midwives when the call had come in and one of the midwives who knew my history told her she should head over right away as I would be a quick labour.

Sure enough when we got to the hospital I "ran" as fast as I could (a.k.a. waddled quickly) to the elevator, had a contraction in there, "ran" to the maternity ward, "ran" past the nurses while saying "I am in labour, I am need to push RIGHT NOW!!!".

"Are you Angela?"


"okay to room 42"

"I don't know if I can make it"

"just keep walking"

I had to walk through that contraction or Jade would have most definitely been born on the hall floor. I got to the bed and they helped get me on. The midwife had time just enough to take off her over coat. The rest was done in her day clothes. No gown, no slippers, just right now. She managed to get me to calm down even though the nurses were telling me I had to wait and I was not impressed with that one bit. "PLEASE Don't make me WAIT!" I don't even know how I got that please out. I was mad. This kid had been trying to get out the whole car ride in and now that I am here you are asking me to wait? NO CAN DO!!

Showing the first signs of her great knowledge as to where her thumbs are and what they are good for at this time.

We were literally in the hospital for no more than 5 minutes and I had a little baby girl on my chest. No longer inside. I was holding her. She was crying. It was wonderful and I still come to tears.
Sadly there are no pictures of Suzie meeting Jade at the hospital as we came home the same day and she never did come in.

Jade Alexandra Kroeker came into this world with a bang. My little Pinto Bean.


  1. Oh what a blessing. I'm so happy to read this blog and to see pictures! What a very beautiful little one you have there!!!!

    Congratulations to you and Paul, and Suzie from Ian and I.

    We love you all very much :)


  2. Wow angie, thanks for sharing your story :) Now we've both got two little girls, crazy. Anyway, congrats, and enjoy!!

  3. Congratulations, Angie. Thanks for sharing your story. I had tears. I just think birth is such a beautiful thing. And of course I am a tad bit jealous of you girls who have such short labours! Hehe. She is beautiful, and I love the name.

  4. Wow Angie! Congratulations to you!!! That is one incredible story. I'm so glad you were able to keep Jade in for the drive in. I'm sure Paul is thankful for that!!!
    You must be loving life with two sweet girls. Yay!
    Jesus bless you and your precious family.
    I love you!


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