Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Time to get away

But how, when and where are all the questions that I must ask. When I do I usually get stuck and just give up in the end. I need to get out of the house. Now if you knew where I was right at this moment you would wonder why I am even saying that. I am at Pauls parents place and it is nice to be here but there is more to it then just "needing to get out".

I desire to go out without my daughter. Now every time I say that I feel like I should take it right back. How can it be that I desire to get out of the house, away from my beautiful daughter whom I love desperately. But then I remind myself that I have not been away from her for more than an hour since she was born and she is now five months old. I think a date with my husband is in order. A time for us to connect again, just the two of us. The originals. To remind me that we really are the originals. The two that started this whole little family.

All that aside I am loving this time. Seems like a bit of a contradiction, I know, but in fact I love being a mother. My daughter is more adorable every day and growing so much. I can't believe that it is already five months ago that I held her for the first time. I wondered then how on earth I, someone who had never cared for a child for more than half a day, was ever going to keep this tiny little being alive. But not only have I kept her alive, she is flourishing. Every day she grows more and more. She learns new things and can't get enough. Thus the reason I can do nothing while she is awake. She gets bored so easily and can't keep herself occupied for very long.

(oh dear I am getting cracker crumbs all over my in-laws computer, good thing they are not home to see me being so messy. Now watch, Wendy will read this and know what I did. Sorry Mom.)

This morning sweet Suzie decided to wake up very happy. She probably spent about half an hour cooing to herself in her crib, I am not even sure how long cause I woke up to it. I decided she was crazy to think I would get her up just then cause I was still exhausted. I don't know about the rest of the world but I am not much of a go getter at 5 am. Yes, she was up at 5:00. So I rolled over onto my good ear and let her attempt to wake me with my deaf ear. She managed when she went from cooing to crying.

The word of the day?
The baby always wins out in the end.

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