Monday, June 9, 2008

New beginnings

I wanted to start bloging again for all those I am far away from. Just to keep people up to date and all. My other/last blog was one of a little more indepth life searching than this one is to be. For one thing I think I have changed alot since I started and wrote on the last blog. There will be a link from here to there but that will be about it. I am not going to try to "pick up where I left off" I think that would be to hard. So I will kind of update you from where I last was and then move forward.

So here goes. Since I last wrote on my blog I have gotten married to the most wonderfull man. His name is Paul Kroeker for those who don't know him and now my name is Angie Kroeker. Kind of fun to have a new name, though the name changing I could have done without. It has been six months and I still am not totaly done changing my name.

Since We got married in December we have had another change as well. We are pregnant. The baby is due on the 6th of December. I am thinking we might even have it on our one year anniversary. Kind of crazy.

Now life is full, full of changes and stuff to do. I am home these days. I was going to get a job but the baby put a kybosh on the whole thing. Now I spend my day taking care of my yard, keeping the house in moderatly good condition, and finding projects to keep me occupied. It is actually a dream come true.

In our free time Paul and I spend time together doing stuff. Going fishing and spending time with family. Also just love hanging out together. We have both waited years for this and now are enjoying every minute of it.

Well that is it for now. I hope to be a bit more involved in this blog. One of my major reasons is to post photos. So I need to figure out if that is possible now.

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