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Welcome to this space. Join us for a cup-a-what-ever-it-is-we-are-drinking-today. Sit back and enjoy the glorious activity that surges through our lives.

Angie and the new life started in June of 2008, 9  months after the last post on a former blog that I had kept. Life had changed a lot in the year and I felt it was time to move from one space on the net to another. To the new life. I am still the same person just a lot of changes. My out look on life has been vastly re-created.

I had come from being a lonely single woman to a newly wed who was pregnant. These extreme changes in such a short time brought on the name and as I talk about it in this post I believe it continues on forever. I believe there is no way I can ever again say life is not new.

Now there is so much activity in our home I can't seem to keep up. I need a way to keep memories of the life I share with the three greatest people on earth. And so this blog continues to grow. I also am given a creative outlet here and that is part of who I am. I have loved art in all forms and love to take pictures of the ones I love. Words may not flow freely from my "pen" but I do the best I can to write out how life makes me feel. And when the words fail I have the pictures to carry the thoughts.

I hope to continue on with this wonderful new life and be mindful of all there is around me to be thankful for. 

To find out about the arrival of this one go here

For some fun quotes from this one go here.

                   I hope you enjoy roaming through my life as much as I enjoy living it.

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